Designer: Kiki Patrali
Project Type: Concept
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Packaging Contents: Dairy products, yogurt, halloumi, trahanas, airani
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Paper, Clay

Alambra Dairy Products by Petrou Bros is one of the biggest dairy producers – exporters companies in Cyprus Island with 35 years experience. Modern facilities, high quality systems and many quality awards are some main characteristics of the ALAMBRA Brand. Our main product is Halloumi Cheese that you can taste it from all over the world. Taste the… grilled experience!

In April 1982, the family decided to create Alambra company with dairy products, by using the traditional recipes of their mother -grandma Kakoulou. This is the reason why her photo is used on their products, especially the traditional sheep's yogurt.

Below there is my proposal about redesigning their logo and their products. The main detail is continuing the use of their gradmother's face, but as an illustration not a photo.

This is a personal project.

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