Designed by Emily Myers and Rebecca Clarke, United Kingdom.

Recent submission to D&AD for their L’Artisan Parfumeur brief, which was to promote a new unisex collection. The four scents in the range were uniquely based around bottled emotions, each capturing a different human feeling. Emotions are complex and cannot be explained through words; they must be experienced to be understood. Epiphany perfume provides an interactive experience conveying each emotion through colour and movement. The exterior packaging is minimal and intriguing, contrasting with the surprising experience on the inside. The use of incomplete letters reflects the idea that emotions can’t be put into words. The bottles are heat reactive, with the heat from your hand activating the smoke inside. The perfume atomises in a smoke-like formation, enabling it to be visible and expressive. The Epiphany collection can only be experienced once purchased, complimenting L’Artisan Parfumeur’s luxurious and exclusive character.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery