Creative Director – Arman Auzhanov
Project Manager – Zhanna Kozyreva
Designers – Zlata Sivakova, Valery Ankudovich
Illustrator – Zlata Sivakova
3D – Yulia Koroluk
Client: Zavod Bulbash
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Belarus

Environmental and organic trends have been gaining popularity all over the world. However, Belarusian manufacturers have always fell back on the motifs of naturalness which eventually passed into the category of dated clichés neglected by younger and more liberal audiences. Still the market niche of organic yet modern products has been virtually unoccupied.

Bulbash, one of the leading Belarusian liquor manufacturers aspiring to set the tune in the Belarusian spirits industry, were the first to fit the trend. ARMBRAND Effective Solutions, a long-time creative partner, were to design a line of spirits that would fill in the niche.

The solution comes in a handy, agreeable and memorable flask-shaped bottle. The design concept is based around a circle which ascribes the GreenLine to the rest of the Bulbash products.The flavor indication area interprets the Belarusian traditions of nature connectedness, crop-raising and berry-picking. The overall concise design conveys the feeling of freshness, while the large and transparent bottle surface reflects the product nature.

It is paramount to master the skill of living, to do everything sensibly, feeling the vibes of the events and finding pleasure in the simple. Appreciate every moment of your life. Without haste. —Bulbash GreenLine philosophy, on every bottle.

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