Designed by BREAK, Italy.
Designer: Luca Cerri, Eugenia Kalinovskaya

BREAK is an Italian brand&packaging design agency works mainly in food and beverage sector. Since 1978 strong collaboration with the most famous Italian and worldwide brands. We build brand strategy and communication tools, we create packaging for Italian products all around the wold.

A holy brand in the Italian confectionery market, Nutella is nowadays the well-established synonym of nut cream. Alongside of the famous cream, the company realized a quite large series of brand extensions, launching several cream-based snacks.

As bread with Nutella is a typical solution for having breakfast or building an instant-snack, the company decided to launch Nutella Bready, simply the newest way of celebrating the traditional Nutella ritual: a small loaf of bread filled with the well renowned cream.

An old-style bag was the packaging solution realized by BREAK: an effective way to match the authenticity of the old bakery bread with the contemporary taste of nut cream. Tradition and modernity finely joint in a highly innovative snack product.

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