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Dog and Fox – the first beer with beermat label

Creative Agency: Punk You Brands
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Leather

Flanders — the european region famous with its brewing and hunting traditions. Therefore, making the design of label for Flemish red ale, we used the traditional hunting plot: a dog catching a fox. The same reason was for the title — «Dog and Fox».

To decorate the very limited output of ale, we invented a label, which is also a beermat.

Such label should be flexible to be able to be glued on a round bottle. At the same time it should be thick enough to be used as a drink coaster. Therefore we chose leather for the label as a material to be made of.

A label-coaster is fixed on a bottle with quick-detachable silicone glue. A consumer, buying a bottle of ale in a pub, detaches the label, puts it on a table and stands the bottle or a glass on it. Leaving the pub, the consumer can take the label-coaster, which becomes an additional advertising-transmitter.

Usually a producer have to print both labels and pasteboard drink coasters. At the same time the producer have to watch after pubs, if they have enough labels and drink coasters for all titles of beer. However, using label-coasters, this kind of the producer’s work becomes much simpler.

Thus, label-coaster is an interesting aesthetic and entertaining element for a consumer, and at the same time it makes producer’s work more comfortable. Moreover, there is a pleasant bonus: the original design and unusual material would interest every coaster collectors.

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