Creative Agency: – Design Studio
Creative Director: Alex Kodimsky
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Great Wine
Location: Moldova, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper label
Printing Process: Digital printing, tactile varnish, foil stamping

Each and every one of us wants to be an egoist for a little while every now and then. Wants to forget about the everyday things, work, family and friends, and enjoy some time alone. Take off the annoying tie, shed the sleek jacket, kick off the slightly tight shoes and spend some quality time on your own. Preferably, with pleasant music playing in the background and a glass of good wine that you don’t have to share, appreciate, discuss with anyone. Pop a bottle open, take just one glass, fill it and take your time to enjoy it in full. Egoist wine was created specifically for moments like these. “Alone” moments.

While working on the label design for Egoist produced by the Ukrainian company Great Wine, we were primarily guided by the overall mood of the wine, its inner core. This is a refined wine that you’d want to pamper yourself with, so the packaging design features a slightly temperate yet sensual manner, which emphasizes the character of the drink. The fox, acting as the central element of the composition, sets the overall mood of the label, while also communicating its connection with the company’s other products that feature this character in a different form.

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