Designer: Halvin Winata
Project Type: Concept
Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Green tea, chrysanthemum tea
Packaging Material: Paper

There are two types of tea is green tea and chrysanthemum tea is to give different consumer different tastes.Pyramid shape resembles a used tea bag, tea bag using a pyramid shape better because in the process of brewing tea.The green color used in green tea and white used in chrysanthemum tea ,aimed for consumers can identify differences in the content of tea .Tea tags in the design so that the consumer can write a message and attached to the cup lips.Packaging is come with a tray that can hold both parts in order to stay in position, so that the packaging can be used directly into the storage container.The material used is Via Felt 298 gsm, there is a unique texture that helps in the grip. A cup of Prefer tea is very suitable as a small gift of some encouragement and refreshment for you working partner,friend,and family member.

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