Designed by Rhie HyoJeong, South Korea.

COBAG is motivated by the bag that is women’s the most wannabe item. The COBAG’s logo embodies the shape of mugs and bags. The inner color of logo embodies pattern that appear when the coffee is dissolving in the water. COBAG provides different shapes of the bags according to types of the coffee.

Just like women choose the bag for they complete their styles, you can choose the type of coffee according to your taste. So we prepare the COBAG ,that is motivated by coffee and bag, due to the idea which is COBAG is similar items of fashion. The special point of this coffee package is the front cover of the box. The cover contain a cute coffee illustration that is different in different type of coffee. This lovely illustration stand out the ‘Coffee Bag’.The cover of box including illustration about a cup of coffee is similar to the cover of bags, so when you see this, you may want to take this cover and drink the cup of coffee.

Shall we drink a cup of the lovely ‘COBAG’?

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery