Designed by Song Yi Park, South Korea.
School: Hoseo University

I created and designed the concept, branding, and packaging for the Airline Company called ‘JinAir’ in South Korea. (Subsidiary Korea Airline).

The name is ” City樂 ” has a double meaning.

In Korea it’s called “도시락” This translates to lunch box.

Some Korean alphabet was base by Chinese. ‘도시’=city ‘락’=enjoy (You can understand ‘Rock’ as well because sound and meaning is connected with ‘락=樂=Rock’)

So it means ‘lunch box’, ‘enjoy in the city’.

Each product has an illustrated border which is inspired by actual famous landmarks throughout the world. The intended use of the product is depicted on the actual product. The Twelve-Pack is a collection of Airline meals which are created based on the four seasons and distributed monthly. The fact that Korea has four distinct seasons is its strong point. I want to appeal this point to the passengers. I want to give passengers a different meal each month. These will be tasty meals that will ensure that they fly year round. They will enjoy ‘JinAir’ more because of the different in-flight meals during the twelve month promotion period.

About the inside
Each can in the four-pack is perfectly sized allows the consumer.

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