Designed by AR Design Studio, Greece.

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brand identity and packaging design for a new premium organic Greek extra virgin olive oil. O2 concept, emerged, as a balanced symbiosis of tradition and innovation.

Being dedicated to the proper implementation of our innovative and eco friendly method of production, guarantee that the Olive Oil produced is of organic specification and of ultra low acidity, while preserving the highest amount possible of natural antioxidants.

For this purpose, we carefully created, a special bottle for O2 Premium Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil, to carry it protectively to you.

Having searched the existing alternatives, we decided to make our bottle as simple and elegant as possible, matching our product’s fundamental philosophy.

In addition, we wanted customers to be able to see at first glance our Olive Oil’s unique color and purity while our Olive Oil should be appropriately protected from oxygen, heat, and light.

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