Agency: Michael Osborne Design
Designers: Michael Osborne; Jane Anderson
Client: Taft Street Winery
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: United States

Taft Street Winery: Heritage Label is one of three tiers redesigned in the brand identity and label refresh by Michael Osborne Design. This tier, designed specifically for small-production, tasting room selections, personifies the garagistes tradition through the simple pairing of vintage garage and wine-making tools throughout the line of varietals. As the label proclaims, these wines are “Garage Crafted With Love.”

“The term ‘garagistes’ originated in Bordeaux in the 1980’s and referred to a group of innovative winemakers who produced exceptional wines in their garages rather than in grand chateaux. Since 1979, Taft Street has carried on the garagistes tradition of innovation and excellence in a chateau alternative locale; producing limited production, handcrafted wines from select Sonoma County vineyards.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery