Agency: Anthem
Type of work: Commercial work

Safeway SELECT® Chocolate Bars
The design extends the artistry of Safeway Select® to its line of dark chocolates ensuring that critical cacao information was clearly communicated across the line. The flowing bands of color convey a certain gift-ability, while delivering on flavor differentiation and a product imbued with delicious variety.

Safeway SELECT® French Style Sparkling Sodas
The design extends the artistry of Safeway Select® to its line of French Style Sparkling Sodas. The design accentuates the structure especially at its shoulder and hips while ensuring the products effervescence and natural flavors are tastefully delivered with a slight French flair.

Safeway Select® Balsamic Vinegars
Safeway tasked Anthem San Francisco to create a “table-worthy”, elegant redesign of its Safeway Select® line of balsamic vinegars. Carl Mazer, senior creative director, explained that the team’s strategic approach was to create an elevated, premium design system for the Select brand that holds together as a family, yet speaks specifically to each variety. The artful yet clean aesthetic, combined with understated yet upscale typography, commands an exciting and unique presence within the balsamic vinegar shelf set.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery