Creative Agency: Wrigley Global Design Studio
Global Studio Manager: Chris Cunningham
Art Director: Eddy Ymeri
Lead Industrial Designer: Will Tham, John Hall
Industrial Designer: Mike Ciccarello
Principal Designer: Paul Angeloni
Project Type: Concept
Location: Chicago
Packaging Contents: Deoderant
Packaging Substrate / Materials: CNC-machined 400-series stainless steel
Printing Process: Digital printing, embossing

When our studio set out to create a concept for Dieline, we developed the following core principles to guide our development. Use design to improve the lives of consumers everywhere. Deliver solutions responsibly in a mutually beneficial way for everyone involved and for the planet. Focus on opportunities spaces that are ripe for system thinking and experiential design. Leverage all the tools in our studios tool box. And finally, to make sure everyone was engaged and passionate about developing the solution.

As we researched opportunity spaces, the health and beauty category quickly came into focus as fertile ground to apply our design principles and create relevant experiences for consumers. Currently, category consumers are inundated with conversations that talk at them rather than asking what they would like to hear. Category leaders then justify these solutions with big brands that deliver on the internal profit but fall short to deliver a truly individual consumer experience. This leaves consumers confused, disengaged, and disappointed which often forces them to settle for the best price and a close enough fit. Instead, our studio set out to create a solution that listens rather than talks, in hope that we can provide a health and beauty experience consumers can truly be passionate about.

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