Agency: Bosin design
Designer: Chun Chung Wu
Country: Taiwan
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Kaohsiung Cishan is famous for the banana. The sweet and fine-quality banana has been very popular for more than a century. Even though the production of the banana is not as good as formerly, people in Cishan still happy to talk about their banana history.

To promote the banana industry in Cishan, “Banana Friendship” developed this banana pineapple cake with the shape of banana to make a strong impression of Cishan. Therefore, we decided to design this packaging into the image of harvest – a basket fill with bananas. We design the interlaced woven texture on the outer packaging. the cover of the packaging is the hollows form, so you can see not only the single packaging inside it, but also find out the printing image of a banana pineapple cake covered by the oiled-paper on the everyone of it.

The target audience of this product is the traveler. The flat packaging can be carried conveniently. For a foreign traveler, it can be put into the luggage much more easily.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery