Agency: Bosin design
Designer: Chun Chung Wu
Client: PTRCO
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Taiwan

Zhong Yong Gong is a religion in Taiwanese Hakka culture. It symbols the spirit of loyalty and righteousness. In order to promote the spirit and culture of Zhong Yong Gong. PTRCO developed the “Zhong Yong Gong Figure”. It’s not only a figure doll, but also have a bottle of “Lucky Ash” under it . The Lucky Ash is believed to bring the good luck.

We designed an unique carton with the structure and decoration of Zhong Yi Cih (a temple which is built to worship Zhong Yong Gong) .We also designed an window at the front of the package. People can see the figure through the window. It looks like a miniature Zhong Yi Cih for the Zhong Yong Gong Figure.

This package can not only protect the product but also display it as well. Moreover, it can be stacked and transported in a space-saving manner.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery