Agency: Irit Hayon Ltd
Client: SAKARÉ
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: United Kingdom

SAKARÉ is a chain of luxury cosmetics and spa products located in London, Berlin & Amsterdam and planning to open branches in other European locations. It’s exciting to be the branding company that was chosen to stand behind a brand that lives in London, which is considered the branding capital of the world, presented in unique visibility and uniform luxuriousness, implementing the brand language that we created.

The name is derived from the Japanese term SAKARI, which means the highest peak that a woman can reach. The name was an exact match for the brand story we wanted to create – a story about a woman who is on a constant journey, who always wants to improve and move forward, both inside and out.We went into action to create a prestigious, international, rich and high quality brand and created the brand language. The logo, colors, materials, fonts, layouts and packaging. From here, we created the whole brand language including catalogs, website, stationary, etc.

SAKARÉ has ​​over ten stores throughout Europe. They are on the verge of further expansion and entry into new countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Thanks to our fruitful cooperation with the company, we were able to create a winning international brand.

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