Designed by BREAK, Italy.
Designer: Rossella Rabuffi

“Dimmidisì” is a brand of the Italian company “Linea Verde” (“The Green Line”). The brand covers a huge series of food products, wirh a strong focus point: the extreme freshness of each product, accurately avoiding the use of termical treatments which would extend the shelf life by compromising the natural taste of the food.

A strong competitive positioning, focused on the product freshness, to be achieved by a well-structured brand architecture: a slight irony, friendship and authenticity were the value on which the brand image is based, with a detailed attention for the key points of each product identity.

BREAK was called to developed the brand identity and complete packaging system for all the products: juices, salads, fresh fruit and fresh food. It was decided to elaborate a solid brand architecture centered on the corporate brand “Dimmidisì” (literally “Tell me yes”), which keeps the same position on the layout of each packaging in the line: the graphic format is divided in two chromatically different parts, the upper for the corporate brand, the lower for the product information, with each product line identified by a different colour. Such a layout showed a really flexible applicability, without forcing to renounce to some exceptional versions, such as the limited edition Hello Kitty line, and the celebrative package for the 150 years of the Italian Republic.

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