Agency: Unikia AS
Type of work: Commercial Work
Country: Norway

As the seasons change, so do your shoes.

From walking and running shoes to soccer boots, the soles of our footwear can be magnets for mud, stones, grass and other debris.

We set out to design a full line of MudFighter accessories, specifically for your shoes. It was important to create tools that were compact, portable, versatile and more importantly suited to the needs of people wearing different shoes for different activities. The MudFighter products include MudBall,

MudBlade and MudFighter.

In creating the retail packaging, the challenge was to inform people about what these accessories were, how they could be used and highlight the differences between the MudBall, MudBlade and MudFighter.

Each package is comprised of a three spot colour printed card that envelopes a PET blister. The relationship between product, package structure and graphics is especially prevalent in this series. The printed cards feature cut outs in on the front panels that take advantage of the glossy PET layer and a single colour printed inside the card. Effort was made to ensure ease of assembly for product filling and to give customers a tear strip for opening the packaging. Once opened, each PET blister can be separated from the printed cards for recycling.

Next time you are on the move and wearing your latest kicks across varying terrain from the city to the mountains, be sure to – Clean Your Shoes…Not The Floor!

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery