Designed by BREAK, Italy.
Designer: Luca Cerri

Gaia is one of the most important producer of sauces in Italy. Its selection includes an impressively huge range of typical and ethnic tastes.

Facing a highly competitive market, the company asked for a sharper, brighter packaging design of the Ethnic Sauces, which enlighted both the authenticity of each singular ingredient and the extraordinary variety of the brand.

BREAK offered a deep but concise visual interpretation of each taste, dressing each pack with the traditional color, shapes and garnish of its original culture: a hot, red Moorish pattern for Harissa sauce; an Arabesque leitmotif for Kebab sauce; green Aztec symbols for Guacamole; a Ionic pastiche for Greek sauce. The final result shows a powerful, emotional synthesis of color and taste.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery