Agency: Safari Sundays
Chief Creative Officer – Damon Gorrie
Managing Director – Cynthia Davies
Creative Director – Simone Fabricius
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Client: Carlsberg
Country: New York, United States

Safari Sundays has designed Carlsberg’s Limited Edition premium range,‘The Nordic Collection’

Design agency Safari Sundays has completed a premium range of limited edition bottles for the Carlsberg Group to be primarily sold at high-end bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Safari Sundays was challenged to design a range of bottles that celebrates the trademark Carlsberg hop leaf as well as the beer’s Danish heritage. Safari Sundays looked to Nordic landscapes and industrial design as their inspiration and translated these scenes onto the classic green Carlsberg bottles. The end result is a sleek and modern styling that plays with both transparent versus opaque spaces as well as matte versus high gloss contrasts. Safari Sundays’ Creative Director, Simone Fabricius, elaborates, “By inverting the brand colors and shifting to a nearly white bottle highlighted by green, it immediately makes a bolder statement. White was the only natural color to fully convey refreshment, purity and premium qualities in this context. We also celebrated the hop icon by allowing it to transform and fuse with the textures.”

Tom Moradpour, VP Carlsberg brand, adds: “The launch of these three bottles pushes the boundaries of our design and production capabilities, creating a stunning looking bottle surpassing expectations. They are clean, eye-catching and unlike any other beer design available at the moment. Carlsberg is leading the way by continuously pushing the boundaries of design and we are proud to have used our Nordic roots to create these limited editions.”

The bottles will have a limited run launching in April, in 11 countries: Portugal, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta, Iceland, Cyprus and Holland. The three distinct bottles, Spectra, Umea, and Symphony tell a unique story about the Nordic region’s wintery panoramas as well as the eye gaping architecture.

Spectra: Spectra, a quiet nod to Danish functionalist architecture, demonstrates the ideal to design buildings that embrace as much natural light as possible – the full spectrum.
Umea: Umea tells the story of the Swedish city of the same name that was spared from a fire by a group of silver birches, which now line the city to prevent future fires.
Symphony: Symphony demonstrates how the elaborate symphony between architecture and light orchestrates true harmony throughout Denmark.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery