Agency: Oficina Design Up!
Client: Mili
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: Brazil

This is a small collection of projects created by Oficina Design Up! for Mili, one of the largest toilet paper companies in Brazil. We designed the packaging for Mili Protect, a new line of diapers that protects babies during the day and night, leaving them dry and comfortable for more time. The work started with the creation of the brand concept until the final development of the entire packaging line. On Mili Duo Chic, the graphic concept is based on two pillars: development of a proper color palette and organization of key information on the packaging. The category of two-ply toilet paper was dominated by carmine red. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, we chose some more elegant colors that would add more value to the packaging: Fendi, Lilac and Blue Oil on silk texture to highlight the premium product positioning. Final illustrations by

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