Design: Katherine Piñeros
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Edible jewerly in sweet gum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton
Printing Process: Digital Printing and 3D print

I show this liquid world in which we live, where we evidence the dissolution of ties, the liquidity of time and the world in general, a process in which those things that in solid modernity, were constituted as immovable, have collapsed becoming a Liquid matter, that vanishes, spills, filters and we find that feeling that "nothing lasts forever", the links flow, they are transformed, as well as life itself. done and finished if not in the impulse to participate in the construction of those things.

Reinterpreting one of the most solid and distinguished objects, jewelery is born, ESLABON.BON, a series of body ornaments based on CAD technologies, 3D printing and edible fluids, inspired by kisses, a symbolic, desirable, pleasant and ephemeral exchange then, "The kiss is born from words" and is in a gesture of pure signifier to communicate what we feel from action to word, becoming a symbolic communication that of gestures, as an action of correspondence before two subjects. (Yorgos Beat). that the work, joins the jewel as an experiential object evoking the kiss, in its sweet taste, the texture, the color, the contact that the lips have with the sweet, an exchange of the fluid an interaction of the kiss as something that it shares, it is given away and it is stolen. The object is ephemeral, it has a conditioned filling until it biodegrades, thus leaving the trace of what it was but can no longer be.

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