Designed by B&B studio, United Kingdom.

For the past four years, we’ve been helping Peppersmith reinvent the healthy confectionery market, first with chewing gum then with mints. With the grown-ups satisfied, it was time to turn our attention to kids with the launch of tingz – little bags of delicious sweets that are actively good for teeth. Made with xylitol – a natural wood sugar – these British Dental Health Foundation accredited sweets help reduce plaque and lessen the risk of tooth decay.

Recognising the need to appeal to kids’ sense of fun over the long term, our team created a compelling brand world with real depth and potential, starring a pair of hairy monsters, Bowie and Floyd. At the same time, it was vital to reassure adults about the sweets’ healthy qualities, so our packaging relies on the monsters’ mouths, highlighting dental health in a fun and clever way. We’ve even created interactive SRPs that use the monsters’ mouths to dispense the bags.
The tingz brand world comes vividly to life beyond the pack, with a website and booklets that tell the back-stories of our monsters and their forest friends, and we’ve created trade show stands and marketing materials too.

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