Agency: Artisticodopeo Designz
Brand Strategist: Justin Ancheta
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Client: Ashapura Agrocomm Private Limited.
Packaging Contents: Flavored and Natural Dry fruits, seeds, trail mixes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexo Printing

The intention of the project was to conceptualise, design and develop the brand visual identity and packaging variant concepts for Snack Quest. A brand* of flavored nuts, seeds and trail mixes that's promoted as an easy, fun, snack for millennials, young working professionals, mom & kids in the competitive indian FMCG market.

And so the Quest begins.

Aptly named by the Brand's Co-Founder and Brand Strategist, Justin Ancheta, Snack Quest represents freedom, adventure, ambition with moments of spontaneity and humor.

Sounds like an ideal life scenario, doesn't it? … with snacks ofcourse?

In the course of visual design research of competitive dry fruit brands both nationally and internationally, we decided to go away from standard design styles or lack of design prevalent in the business of packaged dry fruits.

It's a quest, folks.

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