Agency: Pearlfisher
VP Executive Creative Director: Hamish Campbell
Head of Realization: Brandi Parker
Strategic Development Director: Elizabeth Eidshaug
Strategist: Talia Evans
Client Manager: Adam Moore
Packaging Content: Whiskey

Pearlfisher Reimagines Westward Whiskey’s True Northwest with New Brand Identity

Pearlfisher has been working with Westward, a Single Malt reimagined and elevated American whiskey – to create a new, standout visual identity and bespoke bottle structure and design that aligns with the brand’s positioning as a whiskey of the elements, born from the unique culture, climate, and abundant resources of the American Northwest.

Westward is an American single malt that is matured to perfection in Oregon, where their hot, dry summers and cool wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey. Westward pursues perfection by creating flavor in every step of its long, slow whiskey-making process to make a bold, robust and elevated American whiskey. Its distinct, rich and flavorful profile stands out above the rest, and Pearlfisher had the unique opportunity to communicate what sets Westward apart.

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