Manufacturer: Paper Tube Co.
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client / Design: GoodLayla
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: CBD & CBG
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Tubes
Printing Process: Offset CMYK

Tanya Velazquez suffered from anxiety for most of her life before finding relief with the use of CBD to help improve her mood. She found the effects of the cannabinoids in CBD to be calming without producing the high that typically comes with cannabis containing THC. In fact, regular use of CBD improved her life so much that she decided to build an entire brand around it. With the help of her wife Katy and sister-in-law Jenny, Tanya discovered that although women are the top consumers of CBD products, the bulk of the companies in the industry market exclusively to men.

“We know how much CBD helps women specifically,” explains Tanya, CEO of Goodlayla. “Between the three women founders, we know firsthand taking time to care for our mental and physical health is the best way to navigate life.” The mission of the year-old pre-roll CBD business is to show women that taking a moment to use CBD can help them relax, focus, and have more fun. Without the mind-altering high associated with THC, busy executives, working moms, and business owners can feel better with a clear head.

With this in mind, Tanya and her co-founders were clear they were not interested in joining the CBD edible/tincture/oil bandwagon. “The prolonged onset of edible forms of CBD is not ideal for someone looking for immediate relief,” says Tanya. “Busy women are an overlooked niche. When your calendar is jam-packed with meetings and family issues, we need a quick reset that is natural and safe.”

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