Designed by Burgopak, United Kingdom.

Burgopak have recently joined forces with the team behind Lapka to design and produce the packaging for their first collection of artisan electronic devices.

Lapka is a collection of small sensors that attach to your iPhone through the headphone jack. They allow you to take measurements and assess the quality and healthiness of your surrounding environment.

Aesthetically the intention of the product according to Creative Director, Vadik Marmeladov is, “to mix Yves Saint Laurent and NASA together.” To us that translated simply as, beautiful science. The products themselves are luxury tools that convey their connection with nature. The packaging, we felt, should do the same.

From the beginning this was not intended to feel like an, ‘Apple’ product. It is intended to disrupt preconceived expectations about consumer electronics. Brown kraft board, single colour print and incredibly limited product information were all intentional features.

The devil, as they say, is in the detail; using precise harmonious proportions (derived from the product) Burgopak created a simple tray to protect and frame the product. This was wrapped in a sleeve with an integrated lock and finished with a single tamper evident seal.

After the pack has been opened and the hero product removed users are invited on a voyage of discovery through the packaging as they dig down to unearth peripherals and printed literature. This again stems from the science of discovery encapsulated within the product.

Burgopak also developed a system to allow flexibility for different contents. The Lapka product is sold as a collection of four sensors, which are also available individually. In both cases a common packaging solution had to be utilised with minimal changes or extra cost.

On a practical level, each packaging component was designed to be supplied flat and ready for the final build at the point of fulfilment. These were supplied in a neat kit to help separate the components. The entire pack was then optimised to fit on a single sheet of 300gsm recycled Kraft board minimising tooling and material costs as well as wastage.

Lapka is available from selected retailers as well as at:

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