Designed by JDO Brand Design & Innovation, United Kingdom.
Viki Crossman – Designer
Ray Smith – Design Director
James Davies – Artwork & Production Director
Robyn Stevenson – Client Director

Unicer Bebidas launches premium Super Bock craft beer range with JDO

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has joined forces with Unicer Bebidas, the Portuguese brewery, to launch a range of premium, Super Bock craft beers brewed to recipes created in Unicers’ micro and mini breweries.

The brewery’s aim was to rekindle interest not only in Super Bock’s heritage but also the beer category itself, which is seeing a massive increase in the popularity of authentic craft beers.

Super Bock is Portugal’s most popular beer. Established in 1927, as well as being the only beer brand in the world to win 30 consecutive gold medals, the brand has consistently developed to become synonymous with quality and innovation. It is also seen as the beer of music and football in Portugal.

Lack of variety in the Portuguese beer category had begun to commoditise the beer experience for many Portuguese drinkers. However, the wine category has seen a huge surge in popularity, mainly due to its roots in a more natural process and consumers’ interest in its ingredients, flavours, tastes and provenance. Beer, on the other hand, had been perceived as being from a more industrial source. Unicer saw an opportunity to learn from the wine category and to create this authentic, premium craft beer range.

The resulting packs are available under the sub brand ‘Selecção 1927,’ endorsed by Super Bock and come in an elegant 75cl bottle or on draught. The label has been designed in such a way to enable range extension and the draught lens reflects the label design. Using a textured black paper and printed gold type, JDO have achieved a premium look with masses of taste and quality cues.

The first beer to launch is an Imperial Stout and defines the look and feel of the brand. Other recipes will quickly follow.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery