Designer: Kata Moravszki
Type Of Work: Student Project
Country: Budapest, Hungary

During the design I wanted to focus on an area which today is more and more in the focus of the people. In my environment, between my friends, there are a lot of single men who struggle every day with the elements to obtain food. So I thought I will make a booklet of recipes, which makes cooking easier and perhaps friendlier with culinary. 3 kinds easy, medium and hard

Form, function, usage:

Working with the package, I wanted to create a bag, which refers to the snack in the morning that you just prepare quickly and take to work or to school. So I chose the finishing Ziploc that refers to the above described porpoise and which is also good to protect your notebook. When you open the bag you find in it a 6.5 x7.5 cm pull-out. On the back of the case there is a chart, which comes in handy especially when you have no measuring cup. The folded booklet is 6×7 cm, after opening it is 36×14 cm. Two-sided print, which is coated with a waterproof foil has the porpoise to withstand the impurities and the wrinkles. I found it important to create a format that fits easily into a pocket and its size is not troublesome.

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