Designed by SUNMIN, CHOI, South Korea.

This product is an Eco-friendly paint container which is made to paint a house on user’s own. I made this small considering that it will be used just for fixing small part not painting the whole house.

Also, not like common iron-made containers it’s made out of paper. Just like soy milk pack. The reason why I chose this particular material is for the environment. it can be re-used not to mention it’s eco-friendly. For the consistency its design take the shape from blade of grass.

I well know about the difficulties women are having at opening a paint can.And I’ve also known how the present containers give people hard works when it should be mixed with other products because it can be really burdensome sometimes using tools to mix them cleanly. To solve those problems I devised the package of which the top can be cut so that it is able to be squeezed when it need to be mixed.

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