Agency: Design Bridge
Packaging Content: Wine
Project Type: Produced
Location: UK

Design Bridge creates branding for The Pale, a new rosé concept from renowned winemaker Sacha Lichine
Design Bridge are excited to share their London Studio’s latest collaboration with visionary wine producer Sacha Lichine: creating the brand design and bespoke packaging for his new rosé wine, The Pale. Design Bridge created a fun and hedonistic design that aims to transport a young female audience back to the parties and decadence of the 1920s, balanced with a modern twist to remain relevant to today’s rosé drinkers.

Jemma Akister, Senior Client Director at Design Bridge London, commented: “Sacha Lichine is a true trailblazer in the wine industry, and he has always embraced creative thinking and understood the power of design in achieving commercial success. Having partnered with him for over 20 years to build stories and brands for his Chateau d'Esclans portfolio, Sacha came to us to launch his latest wine, The Pale. We collaborated with Sacha from the outset to create a quirky, celebratory brand that would stand out on shelf this rosé season and beyond.”

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