Agency: designojo
Client: SeaFarms Inc.
Creative direction: Stephen Pannone
Photography: Darrell Peterson
Country: United States

In partnership with SeaFarm Inc, designojo recently completed a rebranding for BelizeUltra. The redesign encompassed visual positioning, a brand logo and packaging. The new design reflects a contemporary, healthy and eco-friendly positioning, without the typical “natural” visual cues.

SeaFarm shrimp are farmed using methods that greatly reduce the impact on Belize’s sensitive coastal environment.

“We’ve been careful to give you only the good stuff and we’ve done the same for the environment. We grow our shrimp in water from the Caribbean Sea, but our ponds are far inland, away from Belize’s sensitive mangrove forests and coastal wetlands. The ponds are poly lined to prevent seepage into ground water. In short, we’re good neighbors.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery