Agency: MURA
Creative Director: Tom Chen
Copywriter: Johnny Chang, Misha Chiang
Designer(s): Ssu Ying Pan , Oli Syu
Photographer: Ssu Ying Pan

Client: E-g-sain Co.,Ltd.
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Country: Taiwan

2014 is the year of horse in the Chinese lunar calendar. Instead of presenting just any average horse image, E-g-sain went nostalgia and tracked way back in history, to the 7th century, to the great dynasty of “Tang”, where horses are grand and worshiped. Famed horses owned by emperors, sang by poets, and painted by artists, are researched, studied and then reconstructed through carefully designed graphic images onto E-g-sain’s 2014 Golden Horse Year visual campaign. E-g-sain shares reminiscence to the culture and tradition while presents a thoughtful and modern design approaches.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery