Client: Carlsberg Indochina
Country: The Netherlands

CARTILS redesigns Halida beer brand – Vietnam

Halida, owned by Carlsberg Indochina, is a well-known beer brand in the Vietnamese beer market. Halida needed to be repositioned as a more masculine brand with a more refreshing image aiming to improve perceived quality and therefore the consumer consumption occasion. CARTILS Branding & Packaging Design Consultants created a new brand image for the whole Halida family, while ensuring the look and feel, which was successfully translated across all the touch points supporting the development of a full visual brand identity.

The design created by CARTILS ensures a stronger shelf standout in an increasingly competitive marketplace. By incorporating the recognisable yellow colour in the logo brand device, the brand is in touch with its former recognisable elements. The re-illustrated elephant standing in the sunset has a mature and confident look, showing its strength and Vietnamese pride. The golden racetrack in which it is encapsulated and the medals depict the quality cues which ensure the natural ingredients used for this beer.

“The HALIDA brand team was very focused in creating a stronger and more impactful image and since the first look, we thought the elephant was the main character of HALIDA” commented Alfonso Granati, Client Brand Director at CARTILS, “and adds “by making it more iconic we built a more recognisable and strategic identity in order for them to build it further.”

Halida was successfully introduced in the Vietnamese market this month.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery