Agency: Ohmybrand
Designer: Nadezhda Parshina
Client: Sychiovskoe milk
Copywriter: Svetlana Tchugunova
Country: Russia

Dairy products “Svoi Produkti” are made by the Sychevsky plant located in Smolensk region. Employees take pride not only in the quality of their product, but also in a positive, truly family climate at the plant. And, as in any family, they have their favorites and darlings of fortune. The premium line “Svoi Produkti” clearly has been the luckiest of all.

Decent and elegant – so might sound an alternative slogan of the line “Svoi Produkti”, the package design of which has been developed by the Ohmybrand team. The main goal was to create an image of the product coming from a perfect village, having absorbed its best qualities and virtues.

The image of a village has not been chosen randomly. It is in the wilderness or at least in the countryside where city dwellers increasingly dream to escape. Restrained natural colors and pastoral images made in the technique of engraving give the package an expensive and refined look and at the same time elicit associations with the classic image of a village which we remember from book illustrations.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery