Agency: ROOK/NYC
Creative Partner: Mark Christou
Managing Partner: Rebecca Thomas Christou
Designer: Mark Christou
Copywriter: Susan Locht
Photographer: Tony Pierre
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Wknd Nation
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Apparel

Fashion industry veterans Sofia Karvela and Phuong Ireland approached ROOK/NYC to talk branding for their soon-to-launch casual wear line. Mark Christou, Lead Designer, knew the branding would need to reflect the founders’ shared effortlessly cool vibe, and in keeping with their values, should be aspirational but still feel relatable and real. The Founders didn’t want anything too high-polished or pristine, so they would need to cultivate an edge of imperfection.

ROOK/NYC set out to build a layered identity that would allow the Wknd Nation team the flexibility and confidence to experiment and play with every element of the Brand ID. The team wanted to design a system of elements, beyond just a logo and monogram, that could become as iconic as the heritage fashion brands you see today. The WN stitch mark, for example, is not just a stamp but a branded integration that works as beautifully on the clothing as it does within branded collateral.

When developing the color palette, ROOK/NYC chose a vibrant, unexpected scheme, leading with a striking cobalt blue paired with a vivid disco green (as we call it) to offset and pop against the more neutral and feminine tones repeated throughout the line. Mirroring the playfully honest voices of the WN Founders, the brand messaging is friendly and relatable with a come as you are tone when engaging with the consumer, while the tagline homeworksocial is a central product messaging construct that celebrates the versatility of the collection, which can be styled to fit seamlessly into each aspect of one’s day.

“We were looking to create something unexpected for a fashion brand, not just do the traditional, minimalist thing…we wanted to rock the system. ROOK delivered on a brand identity that's completely differentiated from anything else on the market— bold, colorful and fun, but still aspirational and chic.” — Sofia Karvela, Co-Founder & Creative Director

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