Design: Sushmita Avadhut
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Prachi Shah
Packaging Contents: Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset (Lithography) Printing

Instax (stylized as instax) is a brand of instant still cameras and instant films marketed by Fujifilm. The idea of taking a photograph and being able to see the developed print almost instantly was a modern marvel that completely changed our expectations of picture-taking. FUJIFILM design contributes to the creation of a life of abundance by giving faithful and beautiful form to people's unspoken desires. With the believe that the youth is always looking for “new” methods of self-expression they decided to market the product as “the cutest camera in the world,” and the Instax Mini completely fits the bill.

The Instax mini camera has distinct characteristics like charm, young, unique, fun, playful, cute but the existing packaging does not do justice to this cute product. In the current existing packaging there is too much happening, there are a lot of flaps and folds. Based on the survey I conducted on the current packaging, people find it confusing to open, most of the people store the camera in that packaging after every use and hence due to the complexity of the packaging it is irritating to open and close it every time. It is also not durable and does not provide a good unboxing experience. The graphics on the current packaging are also very gaudy which is contradictory to the camera which is minimal and solid. Considering all these pain points, I went ahead with the design criteria of : easy to open and identify, designing a reusable packaging for after use storage, providing a better unboxing experience, better assortment of accessories and attachments, shed more light on the brand identity and what the product stands for, easy to open/not confusing ,improvised graphic design.

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