Design: B&B studio
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Fatt
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Keto snack bar

B&B studio has partnered with keto pioneers FATT on a strategic repositioning and redesign as the brand looks to build on growing category awareness and stretch its product portfolio. The rebrand builds on the FATT name – the brand’s strongest existing asset – but reimagines everything around it, introducing a new verbal and visual identity designed to connect with a new generation of in-the-know eaters.

Battling with complexity, confusion and misinformation, the keto snacking category – particularly in the UK – has traditionally aped the codes and behaviours of generic healthy snacks, resulting in brands with no clear commitment to what is a very specific way of eating. B&B was keen to harness the evangelical energy of committed keto-eaters, forging a strong connection with a small, but loyal, target audience, while letting the products’ broader health benefits attract a wider group of low-carb-eaters and refined-sugar-avoiders along the way. To achieve this, the rebrand reclaims the word FATT, infusing it with attitude and positivity, challenging consumer perceptions and dated diet language, while championing good fats.

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