Designed by McLean Design, Inc., United States.

Mothers LeatherTech: Cosmetics For Your Car
Innovative LeatherTech is Driven by Insight

When chemists at Mothers auto care created an innovative new leather care system, they asked their long-term branding and packaging partners at McLean Design to help them transform it into a compelling retail proposition. The result is Mothers LeatherTech, a product line that looks more like cosmetics or skin care packaging than the usual nuts-and-bolts aesthetic common to the automotive category.

“Design is art with an objective,” says Ian McLean, founder and creative director at McLean Design, Inc. “Our team saw the need to position this revolutionary new product in a revolutionary new way. The bold packaging is a huge point of difference in a traditionally conventional market segment.”

Leveraging Mothers bold red equity, the contemporary styling epitomizes their forward thinking. Descriptors read like high-end personal care products with names such as Foaming Wash and Moisture Infusion Gel Cream. Elegant custom photography of luxurious upholstery confirms LeatherTech as a premium product line that offers a unique experience while protecting one’s automotive investment.

“Our role is not to merely design the packaging but to connect with the consumer,” McLean continues. “This approach elevates the Mothers brand and provides a competitive advantage against the industry heavyweights.”

Establishing a relationship between expensive leather interiors and sophisticated skin care and cosmetics helps drive home the value of the offering in a way that is both contemporary and persuasive.

“Success comes from offering meaningful solutions to our customers,” says Dennis Holloway, Mothers CEO. “LeatherTech is a great example of how McLean Design consistently helps us build visibility, significance, and brand value.”

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