Designed by DeSève, Canada.

Our family has been making maple syrup in the deep deep woods for over 200 years. My Great Grand Papa, (Great Grand Father in french, it’s our heritage and mother tongue out here in lower Canada) was a bootlegger, a war vet, a hunter, an interesting character and a rather quiet man, he liked the woods better than people. The packaging has changed a bit over the years, moonshine jugs, mason jars, to what we have today. There is a small gold leaf from his war uniform in his honor, as well as an old image of his “vilebrequin” (a hand drill used to tap the trees, i still have a picture of it on our website). We took pictures of a 300 year old tree and used it as the background, seemed fitting as it is, in essence, our livelyhood.

It is honest just like the golden liquid inside. And is an ode to the family’s slightly dodgy past.

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