Design: Dozen Agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: kvass
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle

Long live Le’Kvas! Obolon's newest soft drink had come a long way before its release. As a brand, Zhivschik emerged over 20 years ago. Multiple generations of consumers have grown up together with its mascot—a vivacious apple. These people still enjoy the tasty and healthy drink from their childhood, some of them still treating their inner child to a juice-infused lemonade now and again. But people tend to outgrow not only their childhood toys but also their favorite childhood characters.

The client wanted to create a drink for people who enjoyed Zhivchik while young but have grown up and needed different visual codes. The company announced a tender with complex and extensive tasks during which multiple agencies' name and design suggestions were evaluated. Various directions of the company's product concepts requiring individual solutions were explored, too.

The arduous race was won by Le’Kvas, a drink that married white kvass to juicy apple flavor. At first sight, the name may look French, but it's just a combination of two words: lemonade + kvass. We also decided to go with a more visually eclectic brand zone and label to reflect the vividness of the classical lemonade's flavor and the semi-craft aesthetic of kvass. On the background of wood texture and botanical illustration created by Ievheniia Ivanova specifically for this project, the product's logo and typography look contrasty, simple, and modern.

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