Type of work: Commercial work
Country: The Netherlands

EFES Moldova is the country’s largest brewery and Chișinău is the largest brand by volume. Despite the extremely high brand awareness amongst consumers, the brand needed a more consistent brand identity while becoming more attractive and aspirational to the younger target audience.

CARTILS realigned the Chișinău family range, while ensuring a strong shelf standout, while maintaining the Moldovian pride in the beer. The new bottles of Chișinău are recognised by the strong logo panel. The blue and white coloured holding device attracts attention and gives the bottles a consistent modern visual brand identity. The crown was refined, competition medals were added, and the date of establishment, 1873, was added to reinforce the authenticity and heritage of the brand. The combination of the golden wheat and red colour fulfill the consumers’ tasting expectation.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery