Agency: Studio Sinner
Art Director: Emmanuel Emens
Location: Argentina
Project Type: Produced
Client: Malaria Gin
Product Launch Location: Argentina
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Malaria Gin arrives, from Mar del Plata Argentina, designed by Studio Sinner, by the hand of Emmanuel Emmens, art director and his partner Jose Maria Cantu, account Director.

Studio Sinner is located in Mendoza, Argentina carrying out works for different countries around the world, its transgressive designs, its great creativity and elegance, attract the attention of any consumer of spirits, carrying out brand identity developments, which differ from the competence. They describe themselves as their name implies, "sinners" whose greatest virtue is turning designs into art, artists who carve their souls on each canvas, for them designing is their only way out of this forbidden freedom, they are not saints, they are sinners.

Sinner is a branding and packaging design company. They define brand strategies, names, create customized bottles, labels, packaging and marketing platforms.

Among his designs we find Malaria Gin, a gin that pays tribute to the magic of mixing ingredients to achieve results that make history. A gin of great aromatic intensity and gentle attack, initially it refers to floral notes, juniper and herbs, on a subtle base of spices and a moderate sweetness. In a second nose, the citrus fruits begin to feel amalgamated with complex spicy notes. Short to moderate persistence, its after taste is friendly, with delicate notes of flowers and herbs. Classic as a lid seal.

Malaria Gin is the result of an insatiable search for a product that stimulates us more than one sense at the same time, 17 botanicals of the world, 4 distillations, Infusions with flowers and cold, resulted in a 100% natural gin.

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