Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Juice

About the project
Oasis is the number 1 producer of juices and nectars in Belarus. In addition, Oasis is an international holding with beverage plants in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The company's portfolio includes such brands as Juicy, Sun Smile, Villa Dini and Bambolina.

A task
The Villa Dini juice line was launched in 2015. These are 100% juices and nectars for the production of which premium raw materials from the best suppliers are used. The previous design was very emotional and appealed to buyers' memories of a vacation, an ideal vacation spot to go with the family.

Each SKU had its own history captured in watercolor. On the shelf, however, the design was lost among the competitors. The packaging felt great when picked up outside the competitive environment. But more contrasting solutions of competitors quickly fell into the focus of the consumer's attention. This affected sales. In addition, the design narrowed the audience to gender-neutral to women (who buy juices less than men), which significantly reduced the market capacity. The lack of a tasty and conspicuous food zone also affected the visibility of the packaging.

Our tasks included:

  • relaunch the brand, but retain the current, loyal audience of the brand,
  • switch the audience from other brands to our product,
  • convey the uniqueness and values of the brand through categorized packaging.

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