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Tequila El Destilador Artesanal Redesigned

Designed by Puntoasterisco, Mexico.
Creative Director: Ignacio Nájar
Illustrator: Laura Maceira

Tequila El Destilador Artesanal is the premium brand of Destileria Santa Lucia, a company that produces tequila (their own brands and contract manufacturing of private labels for companies around the world). This tequila is sold in Mexico, USA, Europe and Asia.

The previous image was very classic, with labels made in the “repujado” technique that is used for art crafts in Mexico. This type of labels where used widely by tequila brands in the past 5 years and were associated with very classic tequilas.

The client wanted to redesign El Destilador image, trying to reach wider and younger audiences around the world. One of the main subjects in the brief, is that Santa Lucía did not want to change the design of the bottle, since is a bottle that was designed by them inspired in alembic stills that they use for the tequila distillation process.

So, as a design firm, one of our main challenges was to work with a very classic bottle and try to modernise the product. The design team wanted to tell a story, since the tequila production process is very antique ann full of tradition. Illustration was integrated in the design for the purpose of showing some of the steps in the production process: the “jima”, the process of harvesting the agave plants, the cooking of the agave, the fermentation and the ageing in barrels.

The graphics are printed directly to the bottle in a process made by cooking special inks into the glass, that is more expensive than traditional labelling but more appealing to the consumer.

The redesign has been successful helping Destileria Santa Lucia find new importers and distributors around the world.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/packagingsoftheworld/~3/G1RrJxp1DJk/tequila-el-destilador-artesanal.html

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