Agency: Kanchan Dhankani Graphic Design
Designer: Kanchan Dhankani
Client: Unilever
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: India

The project kicked off as an exploration on hair care formats. While on the extensive research on this subject we came across a larger insight on hair Oils. Indians are true believers of nourishment that comes from hair oils but there are big barrier to this format which is related to look and feel of the product. So the derived brief was to improvise the idea of oiling in India which over the years has been getting associated with ‘tackiness’. Modernizing hair oils the Dove way (target =Higher LSM) was quite a challenge.

It had to look desirable, aspirational, premium and easy to use. My intention was to pull it out form the Tacky Oils space and place it in perfume/ Serums space through its look and feel.
The product has real petals inside the oil. This Concept came from South Indian Oiling regime. People make their oil potent by soaking herbs, seeds, petals etc. In this project I had a chance to work on research, Concept of the product, Defining the colour of the oil, the packaging that includes the glass bottle (structure design as well as surface graphic design) Sub- Branding with “Elixir” logo. Overall this project broaden my thoughts on product design its not just designing the pack but also designing the formulation’s look & feel (sensorials). I believe designers must be involved in innovation project from the research phase as designers can add a lot of value to the product and the concept and build a complete story. My startup’s philosophy is derived from the same belief of building complete stories… from assign need scope to concepts to product designing.

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