Agency: Tennessee Stillhouse
Designer: Rich Abercrombie
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Chattanooga, TN U.S.A

Making its first appearance on shelves across the US, Freedom Moonshine is a 100% Unaged American Rye Whiskey that comes in five different flavors: Red Cherry, White Rye, Blueberry, Apple Pie, and Firecracker.

Goals for this project:
Freedom Moonshine is a very unique product in that the liquid inside each jar is it’s main selling point— the taste, the quality, and especially it’s Red, White, and Blue appearance. Our goal was to create a packaging that really enhanced the moonshine, thus making the product inside the jar the hero of the experience. We wanted to create a brand that was focused on the history and tradition of moonshine and exemplified the American spirit. We wanted a product that could speak to everyone, that could make connections wherever it went, and leave people with a sense of unity, hope, and pride.

The Branding:
The Freedom Moonshine brand was inspired heavily by that old Americana feel— mainly vintage wooden jar crates paired with old weathered lettering. Very much so honing in on what was happening in America in the 40s and 50s, Freedom Moonshine came to be a masterful blend of that famous Americana and Industrial feel with a splash of a modern touch to keep it from being too dated.

The Jar:
Look at any other moonshine on the market and you will see a mason jar carrying its contents. The mason jar has become as much of a gimmick in the spirits industry as calling neutral grain spirits (NGS- or Vodka) moonshine. Since we wanted to pay tribute to the history and tradition of moonshine, and since any true moonshiner doesn’t care what he puts his ’shine into as long as it doesn’t spill, we nixed the mason jar and found something that showcased the product. The Freedom Moonshine jar is the same height as a mason jar but much, much wider. This increased the packaging design’s real estate and gave us more room to work with. The full design has been printed directly onto the glass.

The Box:
We wanted a box that could not only continue on with the spirit of our Americana theme, but could also become its own point-of-sale. Introducing, the Freedom Flag box. Stack 4, 8, 12, or 16 boxes of Freedom Moonshine and see an American flag.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery