Agency: The Neon Project
Designer: Prashant S Shingade
Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Final Art: Vijay N Rajbhar,
Photography: Saba Gaziyani,
3D: Azmin Sopariwala, Mohit Srivastava, Mahesh Naik
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: India

‘Gold Seal Indus Valley’ (GSIV) was launched in the GCC countries in 1986. The brand stood strong as a premium offering rooted in its Indian origin and its taste delivery.

The product name in itself proved to be a mouthful for a commodity; the term ‘Indus’ which stands at the core of the brand is a largely unfamiliar to majority of the Indian homemakers. GSIV wanted itself to be accepted as a genuine, time-tested, heritage brand bringing only the authentic Basmati rice; delivering truly delightful taste experience to the new age people. A rebranding that simplify and cut through the influx of brands in Indian market with a credible story was needed.

A well debated and examined brand key laying the foundation for GSIV was created with a promise of ‘authentic taste of heritage’. A uniquely crafted, realistic, ancient Gold Seal devised as a brand mark and visual hook. In research received with glowing feedback on account of a compelling story expressed on pack with simple yet effective design cues; Gold Seal, as a mark of virtue, heritage and authenticity. The new brand mix enabled GSIV to be seen as a time-tested, sought-after brand catering to modern audience.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery