Agency: MURA
Client: E.G-Sain Co.,Ltd.
Type of work: Commercial work
Creative Director: Tom Chen
Copywriter: Johnny Chang, Misha Chiang
Designers: Ssu Ying Pan , Oli Syu
Photographer: Ssu Ying Pan
Country: Taiwan

The wedding cake design is of Chinese style essence, for which many elements of traditional wedding bearing centuries of culture and customs are the inspiration. “Phoenix Coronet”, a Chinese tiara for the bride, was bestowed as the title for this cake set. “Red” the designated color that represents all that is good and fortune is the primary palette in the scheme. Other items often appeared in traditional dowry are captured in symbols and transformed into contemporary graphic style that appeals to the newlyweds. With this Wedding cake set, E-g-sain continues its effort to bridge the past and the future in attempt to help create a fond experience and a lasting memory to all customers.

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