Designed by P&W Design Consultants, United Kingdom.
Creative Director: Adrian Whitefoord


International Design Consultancy P&W has designed a range of gelato and sorbet for Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. The gelato range includes indulgent flavors such as Chocolate Hazelnut, Sea Salt Caramel and Coconut fudge. Sorbets include fresh and fruity flavors of Exotic Mango, Blood Orange and the very unique Lemon Thyme.

The gelato is inspired by the elegance and sophistication of an Italian gelateria, a typographic driven design using black lettering to highlight the premium quality of the product on top of a soft pastel color palette to clearly color code each indulgent creamy flavor, while accented with simple illustrated embellishments.

The sorbet focuses on the juicy fruitiness of the artisan flavors, fruit photography is showcased on crisp clean white carton that highlights the fruits in a pure fresh style, paired with bright and friendly typography inspired from an authentic Italian sorbet shop.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery